CBD Search Engine Optimization


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Optimizing a CBD website provides a number of major benefits you cannot get anywhere else, and is a vital part of your CBD marketing strategy. If this sounds like an exaggeration, it isn’t. SEO helps Google to understand what your website is about and it requires very specific coding skills.

What are the benefits of CBD SEO?

  1. Google can more easily understand and rank your website.
  2. Your site will be “featured snippet” ready.
  3. Content will be researched, rewritten, and optimized for the CBD industry.
  4. Optimized sites look and work better on mobile phones and tablets.
  5. Any errors holding your site back will be found and corrected.
  6. Your entire website will load faster on every device.

What does your CBD site need to be optimized?

The biggest reason? If you don’t, you’ll automatically put your website behind any of your competitors that do. Cannabis dispensary SEO is already taking off, and some cities have more than 100 dispensaries competing for the same online real-estate. The CBD industry may be new to website design and SEO, but the same principals that apply to industries with an online presence since the dotcom boom apply to the CBD industry.

Part of SEO is making sure your website looks good on every screen size. Even if you rank well, a website that isn’t usable will damage your customer conversion rating. Those customers you worked so hard to get? They’ll leave before they ever make a purchase.

Just some of the areas we optimize include:

  • Image file names, data, and sizing
  • Mobile readiness and testing
  • Buttons and contact forms
  • Page headers and titles
  • Schema at every level
  • CSS and website loading priorities
  • Content keywords and links
  • NAP information