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How Our CBD Marketing Agency Can Grow Your Business

As Cannabis, Hemp and CBD opportunities rapidly unfold, positioning your business to come out on top starts right now. You need an action plan to get in front of your audience locally and online. 

Even as the industry’s regulations and parameters are being settled in the short-term, long-term gains will come from capturing, building and nurturing your audience today.

Local Map Pack

$99 / Month for Each Business Location Listing


Also commonly known as the “local pack” or the “3 pack”.
Google Maps Pack is a set of three highlighted Google-Maps-based results.
(It used to be seven) featuring the most highly ranked businesses based on the factors that determine local ranking.

Dispensaries and other Cannabis Companies Take Their Business Online Every Day

GingerSnaps Marketing is a digital marketing agency with more than 15 years of experience in heavily-regulated markets such as healthcare, finance, insurance, and now cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp.


Our team will boost your CBD site’s traffic while you learn how we promote the Web’s leading CBD stores. GingerSnaps SEO Services are exclusively for CBD and Cannabis websites. Request a FREE CBD Website Advertising plan. 100% Hemp and CBD focused.


What are the benefits of a CBD Marketing Agency?

What does your CBD site need to be optimized?

The biggest reason? If you don’t, you’ll automatically put your website behind any of your competitors that do.
Cannabis dispensary SEO is already taking off, and some cities have more than 100 dispensaries competing for the same online real-estate.
The CBD industry may be new to website design and SEO, but the same principals that apply to industries with an online presence since the dotcom boom apply to the CBD industry.

Our CBD Marketing Agency specializes in U-X

Even if you rank well, a website that isn’t usable will damage your customer conversion rating. Those customers you worked so hard to get? They’ll leave before they ever make a purchase.

Just some of the areas we optimize include:

Image file names, data, and sizing

Mobile readiness and testing

Buttons and contact forms

Page headers and titles

Schema at every level

CSS and website loading priorities

Content keywords and links

NAP information

CBD Marketing Agency - Selling CBD Oil Online Using SEO

Whether selling locally or nationwide, our talented digital marketing team has the power to make your company visible to the world! GingerSnaps has developed very unique techniques to pull rank from your competitors. Using these techniques will increase your visibility and make you really stand out.

Let us advertise your CBD topical products on Facebook and Instagram. Full-service Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency. CBD marketing starts with your own website.

Staying up-to-date with each search engine and each citation is vital to our process. Being consistent with posting on your blog and social media account will keep you in the race. Having monthly offers will catch a potential customer’s eyes. Producing more keyword content each month will qualify you.

How To Measure Sucess From Using SEO to Market CBD

It’s important that you measure the success of your CBD content marketing and SEO efforts. If not, how will you know if your new CBD marketing strategy is working effectively?

Getting reports on keyword rankings is very useful but is only one part of the whole story. The other part is what happens after the user clicks on a page 1 ranking and land on your CBD store website?

How long do they spend on your website? Do they click through and view multiple pages with multiple CBD products, or do they bounce after only viewing one CBD product or article?

Ideally, you want Page 1 rankings in search engines, sending lots of qualified traffic to your website, that stays on your site for a minute or two or more, and clicks through or takes some action while on your website.

We typically provide our client’s with monthly reports for all SEO and website activity each month. We report using the following key performance indicators (KPIs) which we compare to your competitors:

  • Keyword Rankings (10-50 keywords being tracked)
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Number of clicks to the website
  • Number of unique visits to the website
  • Average time spent on the landing page
  • Average time spent on the website
  • Total number of pages viewed per visit

By tracking the above KPIs, you’re able to fully understand if your CBD SEO strategy is effective or if it needs improvement.

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