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How Does This Work?

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If you are a Social Media Guru or already an Influencer looking to launch your career with influencer marketing, follow these steps to success!

  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Increase Your Followers
  • Build A Brand For Yourself
  • Diversify Your Portfolio

How Does This Work?

The need for a Social Media Influencer is in high demand these days.

  • Send in your application
  • Become an Approved Influencer
  • Get Your Classification
  • Accept Advertising Projects
  • GSM Tracks the Analytics
  • You Get Paid!

*More details after acceptance*

How DO I Get Paid?

Make as much money as your talent takes you!

  • You will be placed in different classes of influencers
  • Each Class will receive a unique amount per view of each Ad
  • Projects are accepted by Client and Influencer
  • Once approved, Ad goes Live
  • You Get Paid!

*More details after acceptance*

Who Am I Advertising For?

There are so many different industries and audiences. Businesses are looking for new and improved tactics for Advertising their products.

  • Local Business
  • Corporations
  • Community Events
  • E-Commerce
  • And Much More…

*More details after acceptance*

Steps To Become A Successful Influencer

  1. Apply To Become A Influencer

    Fill out the application Here

  2. Acceptance

    Your social media following and engagement rate will place you in different classes and categories for clients.

  3. Accept Projects

    Clients will be able to select influencers of their choice to advertise their products. You just accept!

  4. Receive Products

    Once client and influencer have both accepted, products will be shipped to influencer.

  5. Create Your Ad

    Make a unique and creative Social Media post advertising the client’s product.

  6. Approval

    Once Social Media video is uploaded, client accepts, influencer then goes live with the video.

  7. Payment

    Once the video has finished it’s advertising time, the payment is released to the influencer.

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